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Official Blog of Slam Royale

Beta Version

Beta version is live. We are going to have these feature ready Aug 18th:
- Withdraw

The features listed below are on our roadmp.

- 2FA
- "Provably Fair" verifier
- Creating private table
- Game play history
- Sending e-mail for "Forgot Password"
- Live Support (Zendesk) integration
- Playing for fun
- More coins/tokens
- Timebanks
- Omaha
- Player Profiles
- Leaderboard
- UI Updates:
   - Warning sound for last 5 seconds
   - All-In animation/sound
   - Chip animations
   - Clear chips after every street
   - Players should not see empty seat option
   - Previous table chat should not be visible
   - Chat notifications
   - Chip animation
   - Auto rebuy

If you see any bugs or have a general feedback, please reach out to me (@Kadabra_SLAM) on Telegram.